PRODUCT DESCRIPTION-METHOD [2024] Free Download 2024

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION-METHOD [2024] Free Download 2024

The product description method is vital for every organization. A unique and customer-oriented product description motivates a person to enter the adaptation process which finally leads to purchase the product and ultimately to product loyalty. According to a study, 20% of online purchases fail because of the unclear product description It depends upon the product description to create awareness of the product or service, create interest to collect the information, and create the internal motive for the trail to regular purchase.

Here in the above shown image the product features and its ingredients have been converted into benefits. For example an excellent way of effortless finger combing through the day, confident and long-lasting fragrance. The product mentioned above description is a beautiful combination of paragraphs and bullet points. The directions of usage are shown in bullet


The first step in product description is to select the target audiences of your product or service. Those customers who want to purchase your product and can pay for it are your target audience. How much satisfaction does the offering product provide and to whom? Design the product description in such a way that customers can get complete information about the product with its advantages, disadvantages, price, promotion, warranty, etc.  Human psychology and the adoption process are considerable factors when writing the product description. The adaptation process consists of five steps as


At this introductory stage, the marketers are trying to create product awareness the product description should be designed in such a way that it not only gives complete information about the product but also describes the product benefits to create suspense to search for more information about the prescribed product.

Product interest–  The customer’s awareness leads to gathering more information about the product and then comparing the description of the product features with their needs or benefits. By gathering the maximum product features he is trying to compare its features, advantages, disadvantages, price, and availability of this new product with the existing product.

Evaluation of the product comparing the product with the existing product if the product meets the perceived customer satisfaction criteria then the customer is thinking of getting the trial.

Product Trail– The customer tries the product on a small scale to check the status of product perceived satisfaction. If he is satisfied with the product then he enters into to adaptation stage.

Adaptation stage-In this stage customer is fully satisfied with the product and decides to use it regularly.

Customers have no interest in the product features. Customers have only an interest in their satisfaction or benefits relating to the usage of the product. The main focus of the product description is to convert the features of the product into its benefits.


More informative, innovative, and interesting like storytelling product descriptions have a significant effect on customers. Before writing the product description, anticipate the customers’ need or want. Can our product satisfy customers’ needs more than the existing competitors? Why customers purchase our product. Product diffrentiation plays an important role in customer selection. Switching the customer from an existing product to another new one is difficult. Moreover, It is even very difficult for the product’s loyal customers. Storytelling unique product descriptions with suitable product specifications can motivate a customer. As a result, the customer is ready to go through the adaptation process of the new product. Moreover, the uniqueness of the product (Product diffrentiation) in the product description acts as a catalyst in this regard. In my previous article, I have already discussed the several possible methods of product diffrentiation.

The manufacturer makes the product more unique from the competitors in several ways—for example, changes in formula or ingredient, size, style, packaging, etc. Marketers amend the product after market research and survey.   Therefore unique from other products to provide more satisfaction to the customers.


Now the online shopping trend is increasing in the world day by day. Instead of going to the mall for shopping the customers rely on computer screens. At this stage, two factors are very important in customers’ purchase decisions. One is the complete product description and the second is the customer’s reviews. Complete product description with product uniqueness and reviews of the existing customers helps the new customers with product comparison. Positive customer reviews act as a motivator to purchase the product.

Product descriptions may be in paragraphs or bullet points. Usually, the bullet point description is easy to read by customers without boring as compared to the product description in paragraphs. Lengthy product descriptions should be in bullet points

In conclusion, two main factors are essential for a productive Product description. How beautifully convert the product features into the product benefits in storytelling style and the second is product differentiation.

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